About this Blog.

916 completed mortgage transactions, and several hundred incomplete later; There have been many lessons learned.

Some financially difficult, others emotionally taxing.

The primary focus of this Blog is to share these experiences.  My hope is that my fellow Brokers avoid learning a lesson the hard way, and avoid taking their clients down a rocky road as well.

We should all strive for one simple thing – add value to the clients experience.   Give more than you receive.  All success flows from this.

During 20+ years as a self employed individual, owner of a  Corporation, an active Real Estate investor (with properties held both in Hold Co’s and personal name) there are few angles to a transaction that I have not seen at this point.  However the beauty of this business is that there will be a fresh experience today.

I try to live by the words of author Simon Sinek ‘I am better than I was 6 months ago, and 6 months from now I will be better than I am today‘.

For me, this is my progress.


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